CBD Oil for Wholesale, Retailers Beware!

Buy Right, Sell Right and Treat Right:

When you are looking to buy CBD oil for wholesale, try to remember the 3 RRR’s, buy Right, sell Right and treat Right; I should probably trademark this one! there are a lot of aspects to selling retail, or wholesale for that matter, and I just thought of the 3 R’s thing as I was starting to write this little word for wit post!

You see, as it is with many items that are new to the market, they tend to get over priced, and CBD oil is no exception to the rule, that’s where the 1st R comes into play!

The 3 RRR’s:

1st R; Try to buy at a price where you can afford to compete in the very new future, so you will not be caught with your pants down when retail prices start to drop, or so you can treat people right, 2n R, and to compete in the open market when Big Corp decides that they want all the business. The 3rd R, is just a matter of natural law of treating people right, don’t overprice as some do!

Retail Vs Wholesale:

Here at CBD RxHealthy we try to comply with the 3 R’s. You see it’s not what we want, it’s a matter of what you want, rather it’s to help improve your health or to run a successful business.

Our Broad Spectrum CBD OIL:

We carry 4 strengths of CBD oil: 500 MG runs at a retail of $30.00 and as a rule, 1/2 to 1ML single dose, is great for stress, anxiety, sleep aid by calming. Wholesale Prices available bill@cbdrxhealthy.com. 1000 MG, twice the strength is $50, 2500 MG for more chronic pain, is at a price of $75, and finally the 4500 MG, extremely strong, 9 times stronger than the 500 MG and used for the more chronic health and mental situations, and is at a very reasonable current price of $140.

Multiple and Quantity Pricing:

For your convienance, pricing for multiple pcs and to buy CBD oil for wholesale to retailers, feel free to contact Bill or Maurissa at bill@cbdrxhealthy or maurissa@cbdrxhealthy or call 269-806-2775.

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